Some thoughts about public education:

"What’s so easy to say, and I’m a Democrat, so easy for us to say is that they (schools) just need more money. That’s the most wrong-headed way of thinking about education these days. It’s not just about more money. It’s about results. It’s about achievement. It’s about how we’re delivering that education and the choices we’re giving our parents."

– Cory Booker, US Senator (NJ) in the documentary -

"We need to reward the reforms that are driven not by Washington, but by principals and teachers and parents. That's how we'll make progress in education -- not from the top down, but from the bottom up."

– President Obama -

“We cling to a public education system based on “neighborhood schools” – those defined by ZIP code – as though that idea were sacrosanct. We ended restricted covenants in housing long ago. We can worship in the church of our choosing and shop in any neighborhood. We outlawed the practice of banks denying loans based on neighborhood – redlining. But those five numbers forbid us to transcend “neighborhoods” in search of a better education.

We ignore that ZIP code predicts who graduates and who drops out. So it’s no surprise that charter schools are in high demand, albeit strongly resisted by the education special interests lobby.”

– Gloria Romero, former California State Senator, currently California Director of Democrats for Education Reform -

“Gentlemen, we have run out of money. It is time to start thinking.”

– Sir Ernest Rutherford, Nobel Laureate (Physics)