About Us

Texas Parents Union (TXPU) at a Glance

About TXPU

The Texas Parents Union (TXPU) is a grassroots organization seeking to represent parents and children across Texas in public education policy decisions. We provide parents and guardians with the resources and support necessary to effectively advocate for the educational rights of their children – from the federal level all the way down to neighborhood schools. TXPU collaborates with parents, students and education advocates across the country to advance education reform. We are committed to promoting effective teaching and supporting student achievement.

Why does Texas need a Parent’s Union?

The education of our children should be regarded as a top priority – but not just in terms of money. Instead, we need better policies and more value placed on feedback from parents and students. Currently, parents are left out of the decision-making process regarding what happens inside their schools, while bureaucrats legislate with little progress taking place. We need education reforms that are driven not by legislators, but by parents, teachers and principals. We are here to help give parents a voice. In a recent poll by Chief Executive magazine, Texas was selected as the best state for business for the seventh year in a row. However, in this poll, many leaders expressed a need for improvements in its education system. Excellent schools and well-educated citizens are the building blocks for economic vitality and a desirable quality of life in our communities. The future success of Texas depends on our ability to produce successful students who will become the workforce of the next generation.

Why is our emphasis on parent & family engagement?

A child’s parents, family members and community are his or her first teachers. Research clearly states that a parents’ active engagement in their child’s learning is the most important long-term influence on academic success and behavior. Parental engagement goes well beyond being involved in activities in and around school – it is about parents and effective teachers working together to support the child’s education. There’s a need for more parental involvement in schools. Parents need an organized power base that can help level the playing field within the public policy arena, engage decision makers and unite for student success. This important role must be recognized and validated within educational systems so that all children are provided with the support necessary for them to succeed, including equal access to high quality education and a safe school environment.